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Enrollment Information

Enrollment Information

Fast Enrollment Facts:

The number of sections per grade level ranges from three sections to four sections, depending upon the grade level, enrollment and availability of classroom space. Instructional assistants are employed in the grades where enrollment exceeds a prescribed ratio.

  • Enrollment currently ranges from 600-630 students in grades K-5
  • Students are organized in 24 self-contained classes
  • Average student/teacher ratio in grades K-2: is 22.8:1
  • Average class size for grades 3-5: is 27:1

Psychological, vision, hearing, occupational and physical therapy, and behavioral services are provided. Students who complete the fifth grade at Newburgh feed into the Castle South Middle School for grades sixth through eighth. Castle South Middle School students then go to Castle High School

Special Services Provided As Needed Include:

  • Learning Disabilities
  • Resource Room
  • Speech/Language Therapy