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ILEARN (Previously ISTEP+)

Students in grades 3-5 will participate in ILEARN, and third-grade students will also participate in IREAD-3 testing in the spring. Please be aware that the ILEARN testing window is April 19, 2020-May 14, 2021. The IREAD-3 testing will be held in March. March 8th- March 19th, 2021 is the testing window. Students need to be present each day, but attendance is especially important during the testing sessions. Please make all appointments on dates that are not during testing if possible. Thank you!

Testing Dates for ILEARN (Grades 3-5 Students):

April 19 - May 14, 2021

Testing dates for IREAD-3 (Grade 3 Students Only):

March 8 - March 19, 2021

Testing Times for ILEARN and IREAD-3:

Classes typically test in 60-90 min. increments. Some sessions will be tested in the mornings and some in the afternoon.

Parents, please help your children do their best by making sure your child:

  • Gets plenty of sleep each evening
  • Has breakfast each morning
  • Is at school on time each day
  • Schedule appointments around testing windows

We appreciate your help every day, but especially during testing!

ILEARN and IREAD-3 Test Results:

IREAD-3 test results will be sent to the school in April. The school will advise the parents of the results.

Parents will be able to access ILEARN results by visiting the ILEARN portal. Parents will receive their login information from the WCSC once test scores have been delivered to the schools. Once parents receive this information, they can go to the website listed in the information to view the results of their children in grades 3-8. All parents will receive paper copies of their child’s ILEARN and IREAD-3 scores as well.

Please contact your child’s teacher or the school administration for questions or concerns.

More information for ILEARN: