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Car Dismissal

Car Dismissal Procedures

Front Car Pick Up - K 2:50, 3rd 3:00 and 5th 3:10

Parents are asked to enter 4th Street (by the Newburgh Dance building), and to proceed south on Monroe Street. If you are coming from Jefferson Street, you may proceed east down 1st Street and turn right to enter Monroe Street. Monroe Street will lead you directly into the car line at NES, and this will alleviate SOME of the backup that can occur on State Street.

Back Car Pick Up - 1st 2:50, 2nd 3:00 and 4th 3:10

We also have an additional dismissal car line on the south side of the school. Parents are asked to turn on Posey Street from Jefferson Street and proceed east to the back of the school. Cars will enter the lot on the southwest corner of the southeast gate onto Monore Street.

*Siblings will be dismissed at the time & location of the youngest sibling.

Due to increased safety concerns during car dismissal, we are requiring everyone to stay in their vehicles during this time. Students must enter vehicles on the curb side only. This method will allow us to make sure every student boards the correct car, and it will cut down on the large numbers of people using the cross walk directly in front of the school.

If you walk to school to meet your child, we need you to wait in front of the bicycle rack. Walking students will meet parents at this location.

Bus service is available to a majority of NES students. If you become frustrated with the line, you may want to explore this option. Meeting students as they exit the bus is another option.

We will not release students to meet parked cars off campus. NES staff members have no way to monitor which cars students board when they leave the school campus.

Student safety is our main priority during dismissal. Thank you for your cooperation!

Dr. Holly Arnold, Principal