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Newburgh Parents and Teachers (P.A.T.)

Newburgh Elementary has an active Parent-Teacher Organization (PAT) which provides numerous opportunities for parents to participate in the educational process of the school. This organization provides activities for the students throughout the school year, a "Helping Hands" program that supports the teachers and staff, as well as monetary support through the various fundraising efforts. There is a large network of parent volunteers who coordinate and implement these services.

The P.A.T. (Parent and Teacher organization) would like to invite you to get involved this year! The cost is $10 per family and includes a school directory. By joining the P.A.T. you are being a part of the best year ever! Join PAT here.

There are many exciting (and some not so exciting) ways to volunteer and help out here at Newburgh Elementary School. The P.A.T. provides so much for our children and the school throughout the year. Some activities include school carnival; sundae fun day; family fun nights; plus we help fund school field trips and so much more. We have monthly meetings in the "Wildcat Cafe" and we would love for you to come.

Cost of joining the P.A.T.-------------$10.00

Being a volunteer at N.E.S.------------PRICELESS

Please call or email any of us with questions you may have. We'd love to hear from you and look forward to seeing you this year!

Everyone is encouraged to get involved and stay active!